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Dram Shop Law

Dram Shop Attorney

The Alabama Dram Shop Act was enacted in 1909 to protect establishments that served alcoholic beverages. “Dram” according to its legal term, refers to a bar, restaurant, or like where alcoholic beverages are served.


If a drunk driver caused an accident that resulted in the injury or death of a family member, reach out to us as soon as possible. The dram shop attorneys at Jinks Crow have handled many liquor liability and dram shop cases.


The facts relating to the case are critical to establish as soon as possible before valuable evidence is lost. An experienced dram shop attorney knows where and how to find the critical evidence necessary to achieve the highest settlement or trial verdict. There is also a time limit for making such claims. Don’t wait. Call today.

What is Jinks Crow’s experience with liquor liability or dram shop act cases?

The dram shop attorneys at Jinks Crow have handled many liquor liability and dram shop cases. One recent case resulted in a verdict of $120 million for the wrongful death of two high school students who were killed and two that were injured as the result of a drunk driver who was over-served.


In that case, we were able to prove how many drinks the drunk driver consumed, which was different from what the defendant's employees were able to remember. Even though the defendant was adamant that such over-serving could not have happened given their strict policies, we were also able to establish that the over-serving which led to the drunk driving death was not an isolated occurrence. Of course, every case is different.

Can someone be sued for the death or injuries resulting from serving someone too much alcohol?

Someone (or a company, through its employees) can be sued for the injuries or death caused by overserving alcohol to someone. These are referred to as “liquor liability” or “dram shop” actions.


How can someone be held responsible for the injuries or death caused by over-serving alcohol?

Under liquor liability or dram shop actions, one who is in the business of selling and/or serving alcohol must comply with the state regulations for such activities. If their failure to do so causes injury or death, then they can be responsible. Serving someone clearly intoxicated is a violation of state regulations.

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