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What Drives Us

Vision Statement

Serving our clients and our community is at the core of Jinks Crow and has been our guiding light for over forty-five years. We will continue to be the leading force in the pursuit of justice for victims of negligence and wrongful acts, empowering our clients through passionate advocacy and unparalleled legal expertise.

Mission Statement


Jinks Crow is dedicated to securing justice and meaningful compensation for our clients.

By combining our extensive experience, commitment to service, and passion for advocacy, we aim to achieve meaningful and transformative outcomes for our clients. We fight tirelessly alongside our clients who are experiencing the most difficult times in their lives.

Values and Core Principles


1. Compassion and Understanding

Prioritizing empathy in every client interaction to understand their needs and struggles and to meet them where they are with humility and a servant’s heart.

2. Integrity and Honesty

Maintaining the highest ethical standards in all dealings, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.

3. Excellence and Diligence

Committing to providing the highest quality legal representation through meticulous preparation, persistent effort and consistent communication with our clients.

4. Community and Responsibility

Acknowledging our responsibility to contribute positively to society and focusing on giving back to those around us every opportunity we can.

5. Respect and Inclusion

Fostering an environment where all clients and team members are respected and their diverse backgrounds are valued.

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