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Professions differ from other lines of work in that they are regulated and self-governing. That means a board or other body issues regulations and rules, and issues licenses or other credentials which allow someone to practice their profession. Because those licenses affect one’s livelihood, due process is required. This means evidentiary hearings and appeals. After all, a failure to issue or the revocation of an existing license can mean dire consequences for those affected, regardless of your profession. 


If your license is threatened with revocation, don’t go it alone. There are short deadlines that if not met can limit your ability to prevent the revocation or to get your license re-issued.  


An experienced licensing attorney with knowledge of the rules is a must. Likewise, if a board wrongfully refuses to issue a license, the recourse may be subject to taking prompt corrective actions.  


While there are many different types of professional licensing, our attorneys have experience with two of the largest in Alabama:

  • Board of Medical Examiners

  • Alabama State Bar


Licensing attorney Frank Wilson has represented doctors and lawyers before each of these boards throughout his career, successfully advocating for professionals who were facing discipline that could have ended their practices. Additionally, Frank has represented a former circuit judge before the Judicial Inquiry Commission and later tried charges against him before the Court of the Judiciary. 


Licensing lawyer Christy Crow served on the Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Board for a number of years before serving on the Disciplinary Commission and, ultimately, serving as the Chair of the Disciplinary Commission for the Alabama State Bar. 

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