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Most Common Personal Injuries in Fall

Don't Fall This Fall!

Fall is officially here. We can only hope that cooler temperatures will be arriving soon. Meanwhile, with fall comes an increase in certain types of injuries, but keeping some key things in mind might help prevent them.

We all enjoy more outdoor activities when it’s not quite so hot outside. Unfortunately, risks accompany them. Some common risks in Alabama are associated with hunting. While deer season hasn’t kicked in yet, other seasons have[1]. People and guns come out this time of year, too. Most firearm-related accidents are preventable. A hunter safety course will ensure you know how to prevent hurting someone and how to help prevent someone from hurting you. If nothing else, a quick checklist before “locking and loading” is a good idea for your shooting party.

With outdoor activities such as hunting also comes an increased use of recreational vehicles or ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and an increase in ATV accidents. These can cause serious injury or death. While some result from negligence, others result from faulty designs or a failure to warn of dangers adequately.

Other outdoor activities that carry risks of injury and death include:

  • Increased travel (meaning more car and truck accidents)

  • Increased biking and motorcycling (with increased accidents involving these vehicles, which are also often fatal), and

  • Other hazards associated with outdoor recreation such as RVs (negligent drivers or carbon monoxide poisoning), campfires (combustible material), hiking (falls or poorly marked trails), and fall sports.

Speaking of sports, we can’t discuss fall in Alabama without mentioning football. While we take our football seriously, rarely is someone injured as a spectator. But football has its own attendant hazards. One of the principal risks is drinking and driving. Many enjoy a cold adult beverage while cheering on their teams, whether in public or at home. That’s fine until they try to drive somewhere else. That is when they create a hazard for themselves and everyone they may encounter. Sure, DUIs are a worry. But the death and destruction done as a result can be devastating for all affected.

If you or your loved ones are impacted by one of these risks, the pain and sadness are real. We can help make sure that if someone is responsible, they pay. Let us know if we can help with any of these risky components of fall:

Stay safe!

[1] See a listing of seasons and bag limits in Alabama here


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