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At Jinks Crow, our agriculture lawyers and staff understand how large an impact defective farm and logging equipment, or having faulty feed/seed can have on one's life and business. We strive to review all aspects of the case and take action as soon as possible to attempt to minimize the financial losses that our clients may incur.


Our trial lawyers for farmers represent clients in defective product issues in the areas of agriculture, farming, construction, logging, and ranching. Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential consultation, and a member of our firm can meet with you to discuss your equipment defect or faulty feed/seed case and how we may be able to help you.

Heavy Equipment Defects and Issues

Farmers, loggers, and others in the agricultural industry pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into their machinery. Machinery is essential to the job and their livelihood. If the machinery breaks down or is defective, the financial damages are devastating.


Many mechanical defects that may occur are covered by the manufacturer's warranties. Unfortunately, manufacturers often have large legal departments that have written those warranties in such a way as to minimize the manufacturer's responsibility to correct defects. Our firm is aggressive in its pursuit of a resolution to defect cases, striving to hold the manufacturer accountable for the defects they caused.

Regional Representation for Agricultural Issues

It may appear that your machinery is covered by a comprehensive warranty, but you find out later that the fine print has rendered your warranty almost useless. If your equipment 

manufacturer or provider does not honor your warranty or has not negotiated it in good faith, this puts you in a terrible position.

Feed and Seed Issues

When something is wrong with feed or seed, the resulting issues can be severe. Entire crops may have to be destroyed and animals may become ill or die from eating tainted food, defective seed, and crops damaged by herbicidal drift.


Our firm helps clients with feed and seed issues affecting their farms and businesses. We have represented the Alabama Farmers' Cooperative in feed and seed issues, along with many other cooperatives and individual farmers. In some cases, we have also represented the interests of the distributor or manufacturer of the seed or feed.


We are currently representing farmers in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi with respect to the contamination of seed. We can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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