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More Than A Lawyer with Christy Crow: Podcast Episode 9

In this episode of More Than A Lawyer, Christy Crow speaks with Jami S. Oliver, Esq., CEO & Founder of Oliver Law Office, a law firm in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in auto injury, product liability, and employment litigation. Jami has been practicing for over two decades and leads a team dedicated to both legal excellence and community service.

Jami S. Oliver and Christy Crow

Tune in to this episode of the More Than a Lawyer podcast to hear about:

  • Jami Oliver's journey from starting as a solo practitioner to building a diverse practice encompassing product liability, auto injuries, and employment litigation.

  • The personal story behind Jami's passionate involvement in community service, particularly her efforts in pancreatic cancer advocacy following family experiences with the disease.

  • Strategies Jami employs to foster a supportive and engaging workplace culture, enhancing team involvement in community services.

  • Insights into balancing professional responsibilities with personal commitments and volunteer work.

  • The significance of lawyer involvement in nonprofit work and community services, emphasizing the ethical and moral obligations of the legal profession.


About More Than a Lawyer:

The More Than a Lawyer podcast highlights amazing acts of service that lawyers perform all over the country. Your host, Christy Crow, is Managing Attorney at Jinks Crow, PC., a woman-owned personal injury law firm located in Alabama, with offices in Union Springs and Montgomery. Jinks Crow is big enough to fight, small enough to care, representing clients in personal injury, wrongful death, accidents, and product liability cases.


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