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More than a Lawyer with Christy Crow - Podcast Episode 1

In this inaugural episode of More Than a Lawyer, Christy Crow speaks with James Amaro, Texas trial lawyer and owner of Amaro Law Firm based in Houston with multiple offices across the state. The firm was founded in 2005 and has grown to over 80 full-time team members and 11 lawyers. The Amaro law firm has gained a nationwide reputation from their work handling over 10,000 Deepwater Horizon oil spill cases, thousands of Hurricane Ike cases, and for record recoveries in wrongful death cases arising from work incidents and truck wrecks.

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Photos of James Amaro and Christy Crow

Tune in to the podcast episode for these key takeaways:

  • Background of Amaro Law Firm

  • Why community service is important to James and how he balances that with running his firm 

  • James’ annual Easter Egg Hunt for the community, his partnership with the Sugarland Space Cowboys (the AAA team that feeds the Houston Astros), and how it’s grown from a couple hundred families to over 2,000 kids participating. 

  • Leading by example — How James has created and fostered a culture of community involvement within his firm

  • Advice for other law professionals who wants to get involved with nonprofit work and community

Learn more about James Amaro


About The More Than a Lawyer Podcast

The More Than a Lawyer podcast highlights amazing acts of service that lawyers perform all over the country. Your host, Christy Crow, is Managing Attorney at Jinks Crow, PC., a woman-owned personal injury law firm located in Alabama, with offices in Union Springs and Montgomery. Jinks Crow is big enough to fight, small enough to care, representing clients in personal injury, wrongful death, accidents, and product liability cases.

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