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More Than A Lawyer with Christy Crow - Podcast Episode 8

In this episode of "More Than A Lawyer," Christy Crow speaks with Randy Saunders, a Partner with Nelson Mullins in their West Virginia office and Vice President of Cornerstone Community Development Corp. Randy’s practice focuses on real estate, economic development, commercial, and banking law. He also served as the pro bono chair at his firm, emphasizing the integration of community service with legal practice.

Headshots of Randy Saunders and Christy Crow

Tune in to this week's episode of the More Than A Lawyer to hear about:

  • How Randy balances a demanding legal career with significant volunteer work

  • The creation and impact of the Cornerstone Community Development Corporation in revitalizing Huntington

  • The innovative approaches of Nelson Mullins to encourage and support pro bono work among their lawyers

  • Randy’s insights on maintaining mental health and passion in the legal profession through community engagement

  • The transformative power of legal aid initiatives like Wills for Heroes in supporting vulnerable populations in West Virginia

Stay tuned for more podcast episodes of More Than A Lawyer!


About More Than a Lawyer:

The More Than a Lawyer podcast highlights amazing acts of service that lawyers perform all over the country. Your host, Christy Crow, is Managing Attorney at Jinks Crow, PC., a woman-owned personal injury law firm located in Alabama, with offices in Union Springs and Montgomery. Jinks Crow is big enough to fight, small enough to care, representing clients in personal injury, wrongful death, accidents, and product liability cases.


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