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Dangerous Roadways

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Studies have shown that as many as 3 in 10 accidents happen within one mile of a person’s home. There are certain areas, however, that have unfortunately developed a reputation for being dangerous roadways where not only do accidents occur with higher frequency, but they often involve significant injuries or fatalities.

One area in Alabama that has developed such a reputation for dangerous accidents is Interstate 85 in Macon County near Shorter and Tuskegee. A Google search for I-85 accidents in Alabama will lead to several news articles about fatal or serious accidents in this area.

These accidents often involve multiple cars and/or 18 wheelers or large trucks. These accidents can involve 18 wheelers overturning, cars crossing into the oncoming lane of traffic, and an accident ahead leading to accidents further back down the interstate. I-85 is a major thoroughfare for commercial traffic, taking goods on large trucks from Atlanta and the East Coast down to other parts of the South and back. Once outside of Atlanta, traffic flows pretty steadily until about Opelika, and then more residential traffic joins the flow all the way to Montgomery. While this happens on interstates all over America, it seems that serious car accidents tend to occur on this stretch right near Shorter with more frequency and with more loss of life.

There are things we can do to help keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. First, keep up to date on local news. Fatal accidents can happen anywhere, but when you hear of one, inform your family to pay extra attention while driving in these areas.

Human error is usually to blame, but there are areas where human error tends to crop up with more frequency. Second, stay alert to the road in front of you. We all have a tendency to set our cruise control and go with the flow of traffic, but the flow of traffic can change in an instant, and other drivers on the road are getting more and more distracted. When 18 wheelers, large trucks, and other cars are traveling at a high rate of speed, a small change in traffic patterns or a small distraction can quickly turn into a deadly situation. Take breaks if you need to stay alert when driving in a dangerous area. Finally, take action. If you see dangerous behavior on the road, call the highway patrol. There are too many good people trying to peacefully follow the law and safely get to where they are going for a few dangerous drivers to ruin it. If a heavy truck or 18 wheeler is driving aggressively, report it for the benefit of all of us. If a driver is riding down the road typing on their cell phone, report it. The less dangerous drivers riding through dangerous areas, the better for all of us.

The automobile injury attorneys at Jinks, Crow & Dickson, PC have years of experience handling cases for injured victims and their families against unsafe 18 wheeler and other drivers. We strive to represent our clients and seek justice for them when they’ve been harmed, and we also seek to make the roadways safer by holding those who hurt people accountable. Take caution on the road, and especially take caution in areas that are known to be dangerous. Stay alert, stay vigilant, and stay safe.


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