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Back to School Safety: Another Year, Another Checklist

Around the state, our children are returning to their various schools. Whether back to their elementary school classrooms, their high school clubs and activities, or their college dorms, chances are good that several checklists are involved. Carpool schedules, afterschool chores, or perhaps even how-to instructions for laundry and cooking – the lists are endless, so why would I suggest another? The answer can be found in your student’s safety and health.

According to the National Safety Council, many school-related injuries are completely preventable. By following some general rules in two key areas, this academic year can prove to be one of your child’s healthiest.

1. Transportation Safety

It is very important that proper safety precautions are taken for traveling to and from school. Before sending your children on their way, review some general rules such as those listed in the checklists below.

Walking to School

  • Walk on the sidewalk if one is available. When on a street with no sidewalk, walk facing the traffic.

  • Before crossing the street, stop to look left, right, and left again.

  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing and always cross streets at crosswalks or intersections.

  • Stay alert and avoid distractions such as mobile devices.

Riding a Bicycle to School

  • Ride on the right side of the road with traffic and in single file.

  • Come to a complete stop before crossing the street; walk bikes across the street.

  • Stay alert and avoid distractions such as mobile devices.

  • Wear a properly fitted helmet and bright clothing.

Riding the Bus to School

  • Stand six feet (three giant steps) away from the curb.

  • Enter and exit the bus appropriately after the bus has come to a complete stop. (You may want to model for young children.)

  • Face forward after finding a seat.

  • When exiting the bus, look left-right-left for cars before crossing the street.

  • Do not cross the street in front of the bus unless the bus is stopped, and the driver can see you.

Riding in a Car to School

  • Follow the school’s drop-off procedures.

  • Keep seatbelts buckled until the car is fully stopped.

2. School Safety

Safe travel alone is not enough to ensure your child’s well-being. Some additional safety reminders include the following:

  • Use both straps of a backpack to distribute weight evenly.

  • Don’t overstuff a backpack.

  • Leave necklaces or jackets with drawstrings at home to prevent strangulation hazards on playgrounds.

In addition to school supplies, it is vital to prepare students for varied situations. By taking the time to review safety messages (even if you are SURE that your children know them), you can help make the school year not only educational but also safe.

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