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Setting Mid-Year Goals for 2022

In July, the personal injury attorneys at Jinks, Crow & Dickson are setting goals for the remainder of the year. By the middle of the year, you should know what's working and what isn't. Listen to the goal of attorney Christy Crow for the second half of 2022.

According to Truity, setting mid-year goals is a brilliant way to reevaluate and reset your aims, setting you up for the rest of the year still to come. Checking in with your goals around the middle of the year can help you take note of what you still want to accomplish. Maybe the challenges you set up for yourself in January aren’t relevant to your life anymore or maybe new priorities have come up since then - after all, quite a lot has changed in the last six months!

Below are five tips to set mid-year goals that you'll stick to [Source: Truity]:

  1. Review your goals so far

  2. Be as specific as possible

  3. Look at the big picture and the small details

  4. Set concrete deadlines

  5. Check that your goals are attainable


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