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Celebrating Small Businesses Every Day

National Small Business Week typically occurs the first week of May; however, we think small businesses deserve to be celebrated every day. Jinks, Crow & Dickson is a small business and we’re always celebrating, encouraging, supporting, and representing small businesses. We embrace our roots as a small firm that started in a small town. While our firm has grown to include our Montgomery office and our work has taken us throughout the state and the country on cases for individuals, government entities, and businesses, large and small, our roots provide us a special appreciation for the small business owners and their legal needs.

Small businesses make up over 99% of businesses in this country, totaling over 32.5 million.[1] Small businesses have accounted for 62% of net new job creation since 1995.[2] From 2000-to 2019, small businesses generated about two-thirds of net new jobs.[3]

Regardless of their size, businesses face many challenges, such as employment issues, acquiring goods and services, regulatory compliance, taxes, permits, licenses, and contracts. When ignored or avoided, small problems often grow and become complex. Getting help and advice before making decisions can help avoid problems and dealing quickly and efficiently with situations that arise can help prevent a minor issue from becoming a major one.

As with other challenges, many are not self-inflicted or self-induced. Disputes, disagreements, and misunderstandings arise. People facing their own challenges often look to wrongfully benefit themselves at another’s expense. Others simply take advantage. Some problems are easy to fix or readily resolved. Others require a firmer approach. When all else fails, litigation may be necessary.

We know what it’s like to be a small business because we are one. Because we are a small firm, we are nimble and have the wherewithal, knowledge, experience, and know-how to take on big companies and their big law firms. At Jinks, Crow & Dickson, our business attorneys have over 40 years of experience helping people from all over the country and we work tirelessly to help our clients achieve their business goals. Whether your business is a large corporation or a sole proprietorship, our business lawyers can assess and help you resolve your legal problems in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Contact us today.


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