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What Happens If You Crash Drunk Driving?

what happens if you crash drunk driving

The 2022 impaired driving national enforcement mobilization, "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over," is currently in effect across the country. That means state troopers and other law enforcement personnel will be out in full force. Getting a DUI is one of the bad results of drinking and driving. And its impacts can be significant:

  • Jail time

  • Loss of driver’s license

  • Increased auto insurance premiums or loss of insurability

  • Out-of-pocket expenses for court fees, lawyers, and fines.

But those pale in comparison to what happens if you crash drunk driving.

Drunk Driving Consequences

1. Drunk Driving and Killing Yourself

Hopefully, that matters to you. If not, there are lots of others who would be impacted by your death. Think about them. If you live, you may be permanently impaired. Brain and spinal injuries are complicated, and both are frequent outcomes. You could suffer severe burns. You could lose a limb. You could be permanently scarred.

2. Drunk Driving and Killing Someone Else

You could kill one or more of your passengers. These could be good friends, family members, children, and other loved ones. You could also kill someone else – someone driving another vehicle, one or more of the occupants of another vehicle, or a pedestrian. Is drunk driving a criminal offense? Yes, you can be prosecuted criminally for causing someone’s death because of your drinking and driving even if they were friends or family. A conviction could easily mean prison. The impacts of a conviction are long-term, innumerable, and oppressive.

3. Drunk Driving Injuries

The results of injuring others with your drinking and driving are just as real. All the horrible injuries that you could experience are compounded when others are injured, especially when those injuries are your fault. The physical pain is exacerbated by the mental anguish you will suffer knowing the pain and suffering you are causing others. And if their injuries are permanent and debilitating? That is tough to live with.

We know the horrendous results of those who crash drunk driving, but we don’t represent them. The car accident attorneys at Jinks Crow & Dickson represent those who suffer catastrophic injuries at the hands of drunk drivers and the families of those who are killed.

We benefit from the criminal prosecution – the evidence, the law enforcement witnesses, and the guilty verdict or plea. But we don’t stop there. We push the investigation further. We uncover facts that the prosecution doesn’t need. We push hard because those affected by drunk drivers get one chance at making their lives a little more tolerable because of a drunk driver’s careless attitude and critical mistakes.

So, if getting a DUI doesn’t motivate you not to drink and drive and killing or permanently injuring yourself or others won’t stop you, then perhaps knowing that someone like the lawyers at Jinks, Crow & Dickson will pursue your last cent will. Certainly, a combination of those very real outcomes should. Don’t drink and drive. Please.


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