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Update on Biozorb Implant Lawsuit

Jinks Crow, along with Cowper Law, has filed 40 cases in the BioZorb® litigation, and we are actively vetting over 600 hundred cases in our inventory. With dozens of new cases coming in every week, we do not anticipate slowing the filing pace any time soon.

Jinks Crow is committed to helping women who have been injured as a result of the BioZorb® radiographic tissue marker. BioZorb® is manufactured and marketed by Hologic as a bio-absorbable tumor bed marker to assist in targeted radiation treatment after a lumpectomy. Women have experienced complications from the device for which Hologic did not warn. These complications include pain, palpable mass, migration, fracture, protrusion, non-absorption, disfigurement, additional radiation, and removal.

  • The lawsuit involves plaintiffs who all claim that Hologic Inc. failed to warn that the device may not dissolve in the body, the device may migrate, fracture, and even be expelled from the body causing severe pain and suffering.

  • The lawsuit also alleges that certain oncologists are being forced to use more radiation in the treatment of their patients as a result of the device which causes painful scarring of the breast and “spider veins.”

  • Finally, the lawsuit alleges that the device can also cause infection, skin disfigurement, breast asymmetry, the need for additional radiation, and/or additional surgery and Hologic failed to warn patients or physicians of these dangers.

The Biozorb implant lawsuits are filed in Massachusetts where Hologic Inc. is headquartered. If you or a loved one was implanted with a Biozorb® device as part of treatment for breast cancer and has experienced any of the above injuries, please contact Jinks Crow & Dickson for a free consultation with an attorney.


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