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The Power of Women in the Courtroom

There are more female incoming law students than male. However, in 2020, only 1 in 3 lawyers was female, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This is unfortunate because evidence shows that female trial lawyers bring a unique perspective to jury trials. Nevertheless, overwhelming statistics show even fewer female attorneys are active in the courtroom.

Women Lawyers as Lead Counsel & Trial Counsel in Litigation

A recent study on the participation of women lawyers as lead counsel and trial counsel in litigation revealed that women are consistently underrepresented in lead counsel positions and in the role of trial attorney. Statistics show:

Why is it important to include female trial attorneys on your team?

Despite the disparities in women as lead counsel and trial attorneys in litigation, I pride myself on being just that, a female trial attorney.

Women bring a unique perspective and voice to legal proceedings. We tend to empathize with victims and are more relational than many of our male counterparts. We can build relationships with co-counsel and clients that are helpful in developing the theories of the case, the damages in the case, and the story that will ultimately be told at trial.

Once we get into the courtroom, women are invaluable. First, it should be noted that, more likely than not, at least half of the jurors are going to be women.

While men might appear as more authoritative, women are often viewed as more trustworthy in the courtroom. Women are likened to caregivers, teachers, and helpers. This perception helps female lawyers connect with jurors as they make the trial journey to justice together.

While some attorneys are more comfortable in one-on-one meetings or mediations, I enjoy being in a courtroom, which has allowed me to succeed in my role as a trial attorney. Through numerous successful (and a few unsuccessful) jury trials and verdicts, I have proven that jury trials are not solely a man’s purview.

It touched me when 2 jurors hugged my neck after I fought for a family at trial in a Tuscaloosa County court. We received one of the largest verdicts ever rendered in Tuscaloosa County. I connected with the jury. In the end, they were grateful to do what we asked for our clients.

Jurors in Morgan County apologized when they returned a verdict against my client, explaining they fought hard for my client and me in the jury deliberations but just couldn’t convince some of the others.

I enjoy developing relationships with my clients and bonding with juries so that I can effectively lend my voice to those who need it, to those who cannot speak for themselves, to those who have lost loved ones, for those lost loved ones, to those who are severely injured, and those whose rights have been trampled. Defendants take notice.

While I am proud of the reputation I have built in my hometown of Union Springs, I've tried jury trials statewide and handled cases in Georgia, Louisana, and beyond. I fight for the underdog, speak for the oppressed, and work well with a team taking on well-heeled defendants and tackling challenging legal cases to right wrongs. My passion is not for myself but for my clients.

If you are looking for a strong female to add to your trial team, we'd love to speak to you about what our female trial attorneys can offer.


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