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Our Approach to Real Estate Closings: The "Duck Approach"

The duck sails smoothly and elegantly across the top of the water. It is a calm and lovely sight to behold. Yet underneath the water, where no one sees, the duck is paddling with all his strength. Jinks, Crow & Dickson Real Estate Closings uses the “duck model” for our approach to closings. As soon as we receive a contract from an agent, we go to work paddling hard so the closing day process runs smoothly and efficiently, making it an enjoyable experience for buyers, sellers, and their agents.

JCD Closings takes a modern, personable, secure, and efficient approach to the closing process.

We get to know the agents we work with and tailor our working relationship to suit their needs. We help keep everyone on schedule so the closing can happen fast and on-time. We work with realtors, banks, inspectors, and our title insurance company to make sure any issues that arise are dealt with quickly, professionally, and cordially. We compile and prepare all the documents needed for a clean, vetted, complete legal real estate transaction all in one place. Once everything is in place, the closing is smooth sailing.

Our closing process recognizes the importance of this day in the life of all the parties and treats it as a professional closing experience but also one that involves a celebration for a new home buyer that will leave a positive lasting impression.

Step into our office for your closing and you are greeted by both our closing paralegal, Crystal, and also by the smell of cookies baked fresh for every closing. Our conference space is open and inviting, with ample room for any amount of parties (and a kids drawer guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained if they need to join you). After everything is signed and keys delivered, our home buyers and agents can step in front of our green screen for a celebratory photo with props. A few seconds later, the parties and their agent will get a text of their smiling photo with their new home in the background and the logo of their agent on it to share. New homeowners leave with a candle, a bottle of champagne, or a bottle of sparkling cider to take home to celebrate in their new home, on us. You let us paddle hard below the surface ahead of time, and your closing will be the smooth, celebratory occasion that home buyers will remember.

In addition to our dedicated closing practice, our closing attorneys have years of experience handling issues related to real estate transaction problems, business disputes, property, probate, consumer fraud, and injury-related matters.

We are the go-to resource for the agents we work with for trusted knowledge and input on a range of issues that come up in the real estate business and in life in general. Agents who work with us have our cell phone numbers and know that we are a phone call away for a quick answer on a range of issues that come up in their business and in their daily lives. We bring a broad range of experience and a relationship-based approach to all aspects of our legal work, including our relationships with realtors and brokers.

We want to work with you if you are in the real estate or mortgage industry. We strive to develop trusted, enjoyable, and friendly relationships with good people who know they have an attorney they can trust on a range of issues. We provide prompt, professional, full-range closing services, and we provide an experience that your clients will remember fondly in handling their real estate closings at JCD Closings.

Come work with us.


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