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More Than A Lawyer with Christy Crow: Podcast Episode 11

In this episode of More Than A Lawyer, Christy Crow speaks with Matt Trollinger, a licensed attorney in Maryland and DC focused exclusively on fighting for the injured. As the founder of Trollinger Law LLC, Matt provides compassionate and effective legal representation for those hurt at work or due to negligence. 

Headshots for Christy Crow and Matt Trollinger

Tune in to this episode of the More Than a Lawyer podcast to hear about:

  • Professional Journey: Matt Trollinger shares his path from coaching part-time while working at a personal injury firm to establishing his own practice in Southern Maryland, focusing on personal injury and workers' compensation.

  • Community Engagement: Matt emphasizes the importance of community involvement, drawing from his upbringing and personal values. He discusses the significance of giving back to the community where he lives and works, beyond just legal services.

  • Fostering a Culture of Service: Within his firm, Matt prioritizes community service by encouraging staff to identify causes they are passionate about and supporting their involvement. 

  • Being More Than A Lawyer: For Matt, being more than a lawyer means authenticity and active engagement in various aspects of life beyond the legal profession, including family, faith, and community service.


About More Than a Lawyer:

The More Than a Lawyer podcast highlights amazing acts of service that lawyers perform all over the country. Your host, Christy Crow, is Managing Attorney at Jinks Crow, PC., a woman-owned personal injury law firm located in Alabama, with offices in Union Springs and Montgomery. Jinks Crow is big enough to fight, small enough to care, representing clients in personal injury, wrongful death, accidents, and product liability cases.


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