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Knowing and Caring [Union Springs Herald]

By: Christy Crow, Attorney

attorney christy crow

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This quote was originally attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt, but a friend recently quoted it and it has stuck with me.

We are often so caught up in being the person that is “right” in a conversation that we forget to be the person that listens and cares about other people in the conversation. As we all know, that rarely leads to anything other than more disagreements.

Actions speak louder than words. Next time you are talking with someone who may see things differently than you, try to be curious about why they believe what they do. Ask questions. Be inquisitive. Show them you care about their opinions, not because you agree with them but because you care about the person you are having the conversation with. Showing someone you care is much more important than showing someone you’re right.


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