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Jinks Crow Files Lawsuit Against Gunmaker Taurus For Defective Gx4 Pistols

UNION SPRINGS, Ala. – Jinks Crow, a leading law firm in product liability cases, has filed a lawsuit against Taurus, a Georgia-based gun manufacturer, over alleged defects in its GX4 pistols. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Arizona gun owner Libardo Jaramillo on November 10, 2023, accuses Taurus of negligence and fraud in connection with a defect that reportedly causes the pistols to fire when dropped, resulting in injuries or death.

Jaramillo's lawsuit asserts that Taurus failed to adequately warn customers or issue a recall despite being aware of the dangerous defect for years. The complaint alleges that the trigger of the GX4 pistols moves rearward when subjected to an impact or dropped, a phenomenon referred to as a 'drop-fire defect.' This defect, according to the lawsuit, can lead to unexpected firing, causing serious injury and even death.

The lawsuit highlights a tragic incident in Mesa, Arizona, where Jaramillo's friend, a 23-year-old woman working as a cashier at a convenience store, allegedly dropped the GX4 pistol, resulting in it firing and immediately killing her on April 7, 2023.

Furthermore, the complaint details other reported 'drop-fire incidents' in Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas, resulting in injuries. The lawsuit alleges that Taurus was made aware of these incidents and failed to take adequate measures to remedy the defect.

While Taurus did create a landing page on its website in May, acknowledging the issue and providing instructions for customers to check whether their GX4 pistols were subject to the defect, the lawsuit contends that this notice was insufficient and fell short of a proper recall. The plaintiff argues that Taurus retained ill-gotten gains from selling the defective pistols and made no substantial efforts beyond the notice to warn customers or rectify the issue.

Jinks Crow seeks to hold Taurus accountable for its actions in designing, manufacturing, and selling the allegedly defective pistols. The lawsuit aims to determine whether impacted gun owners, including the plaintiff, are entitled to damages and other monetary relief.


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