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Jinks Crow Celebrates Women's Equality Day (August 26)

The observance of Women’s Equality Day on August 26 will not only commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment, but it will also call attention to the continuing efforts of women toward full equality. Workplaces across the country will celebrate this turning point in history, and the attorneys at Jinks Crow will be among those participating.

As a woman-owned law firm, Jinks Crow is home to top-notch female attorneys and staff members who serve as compassionate and hardworking leaders. It is hard to fathom that less than a hundred years ago, women were believed incapable of such leadership. [i] But time and again, women prove themselves able to affect change and achieve greatness. This is especially true in law.

According to the ABA National Lawyer Population Survey, the percentage of female lawyers has slowly increased in recent years. In 2010, fewer than one-third of all lawyers (31%) were women. In 2022, that percentage increased to 38%.

Doesn’t sound like much, you say? Perhaps a 30,000-foot view will change your mind.

This trend doesn’t appear to be slowing when you consider law school enrollment. The number of male students declined every year for eleven years – from 78,516 in 2010 to 52,058 in 2021. Meanwhile, the number of female law school students increased every year for five years – from 55,766 in 2016 to 64,861 in 2021.

Just as women’s equality is about more than the right to vote, practicing as a female attorney is about more than simple representation. Whether through leadership, advancement, compensation, or recognition, there are still tremendous strides ahead. The team at Jinks Crow prides itself on being ahead of this curve. The attention given to equality and opportunity mirrors the commitment given to their clients.

Are you struggling to be treated fairly following an injury? Has a defective product or accident left you unable to continue your career? At Jinks Crow, we fight for the underdog, speak for the oppressed, and work as a team to tackle challenges. Call us today to help.

[i] Even respected thinkers such as Rousseau and Kant believed that women’s inferior status in society was completely logical and reasonable; women were ‘beautiful’ and ‘not fit for serious employment.


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