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Injuries from Defective Helmets

Brain injuries can cause catastrophic and life-altering damages. Over 100 years ago, people recognized the importance of protecting our brains and developed the first helmet. Today, we wear helmets during sporting activities such as football, hockey, baseball, skateboarding, rollerblading, and when riding bicycles and motorcycles. Helmets are supposed to keep our brains safe and protected from a head injury.

The Consumer Product & Safety Commission (CPSC) has the authority to issue recalls when helmets fail to meet minimal requirements. Helmet issues may include the following defects:

  • Lack of impact-resistant material​

  • Fastener defects

  • Chinstrap defects

  • Cheap materials

  • Reflector defects

  • Inadequate warnings

Faulty designs, defective parts, inadequate materials, and reused helmets can cause significant brain or spinal cord damage. Loosely fastened chin straps and loose-fitting helmets have long been recognized by manufacturers of helmets as a problem that can lead to the loss of the helmet in an accident. When a helmet fails to provide adequate protection, it can lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), brain hemorrhages, skull fractures, severe concussions, life-altering spinal cord injury, and even the death of a loved one. Manufacturers are aware of these dangers. Helmets are an important piece of safety equipment. A properly fitted helmet that is properly designed and manufactured is critical to the safety of every wearer. Consumers that buy and wear a helmet believe that it protects them from a potential accident. That is not always the case. Following a motorcycle or bike crash or a serious sports injury, it is crucial to preserve evidence.

Our firm has handled a number of cases involving serious injuries and death caused by defective helmets. If you or a loved one has suffered severe injury or death due potentially to a defective helmet, our defective product lawyers are uniquely equipped to review the facts of your case, at no cost to you, to determine whether there may be a claim for a defective product. Contact us today.


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