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More Than A Lawyer with Christy Crow - Podcast Episode 4

In the latest podcast episode of "More Than a Lawyer," Christy Crow sits down with Morris Lilienthal, a personal injury attorney from Martinson & Beason, P.C. in Huntsville, Alabama.

Individual photos of Morris Lilienthal and Christy Crow

In the podcast, you'll discover Morris's dedication to community service and learn how he balances his career as a lawyer with impactful volunteer work. We discuss his involvement with the March of Dimes in memory of his son, Will, and his work with Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service.

Be prepared to gain insight into how volunteering shapes Morris's skills as a lawyer and what it truly means to him to be "More Than a Lawyer."


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Check out Morris’ podcast, The Mo Show Live: 

Learn more about Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service:


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